Tri-Com Consulting has performed leadership roles in numerous successfully implemented emerging technology solutions. The following is a brief description of some deployed solutions.

  • Banking –Developed intranet-based application to automate a manual customer tracking process. Front-end uses a Java Swing applet communicating with a servlet backend via Java's RMI. All development accomplished with IBM's Visual Age for Java IDE. Servlets are executed via IBM's WebSphere servlet engine and communicate with a DB/2 UDB database via JDBC.
  • Healthcare – Responsible for a portion of the "eBill" project – a company-wide effort to consolidate accounting and invoicing practices into a single engine across a diverse environment of legacy systems. Responsibilities including oversight and facilitation of design, design processes, and design/code reviews in a development environment including UML, RUP, Rational Rose, Rational ClearCase, IBM VisualAge, IBM WebSphere, IBM UDB, JUnit, SAX, and various legacy technologies including COBOL. Mentored junior developers in J2EE design and coding practices, as well as in basic Java language skills and UML with Rational Rose.
  • Retail –Created the first internet presence for this organization. Developed and implemented proprietary menu driven web-engine with interactive maintenance screens. Allows point-and-click functions to easily create and maintain web pages by a non-programmer web administrator. Site features include: typical product and company information, external job posting's board, and visitor registration with periodic automatic e-mail responses of Job Postings and/or other relevant news items. The solution required extensive Project Management, Object Modeling, Architecture and Development experience using JavaScript, ASP.Net, C#, DHTML and SQL Server 2008r2 and 2012 Databases.
  • Financial –Provided Java training, and on-site Java development and mentoring for this local "dot com" firm. Complete Java OO redesign, programming and testing of the core financial modeling engine utilizing Java JDK 2.1.3, Design Patterns, UML, and Rational Rose. Provides online financial advisory services to individuals and brokerage firms.
  • Tri-Com Consulting –Developed a proprietary product called the SiteForeman which enables clients to develop and maintain Internet and Intranet sites. The product was primarily developed using JavaScript, ASP.Net, C#, DHTML and SQL Server 2012 Databases. Tri-Com's SiteForeman is a robust, scalable, Internet/Intranet browser based application that leverages recent advances in software technology. This browser-based application eliminates static web pages by dynamically extracting content from a database. The design provides non-technical client personnel as well as experienced administrators and designers the ability to easily create, edit, manipulate, and deliver dynamic web pages. SiteForeman incorporates menu driven technology for ease of use and for efficient and timely maintenance.
  • Life Insurance –Developed and managed a team to architect and implement the addition of over 30 new products to a Sales Illustration system. Significant Object Modeling and Architecture modifications were required to add the new products to the system structure while minimizing future modifications. System revisions enhanced flexibility while reducing complexities inherent in most OO designs. Environment: EJB, Java, Weblogic, Swing, OOA, Object patterns, and project management.
  • Healthcare – Developed internet-based applications (1) to allow on-line access to the EZENROLL health plan and (2) to enable client access to DOCFIND, an Internet based online provider directory. Scope includes system architecture, development and installation. Front-end developed using HTML-based forms and JavaScript; Back-end developed using Java servlets, JDBC calls, Java Server Pages and DB/2 UDB database. Servlets are executed via IBM's WebSphere servlet engine and make use of WebSphere's database connection pooling classes.